What e-Bike battery do I have/need?

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What e-Bike battery do I have/need?

Each e-bike will have a specific Voltage power which is calibrated for the motor and the motor controller specifically. This must be the same as the battery Voltage that you had and will now purchase. Please not that some motor controllers will allow usages of different, higher voltages on the same bike. This can be determined by checking with the bike manufacturer or a shop that sells that particular model.

To be able to decide what battery is right for you, you must understand what will be the best type for your intended usage. For longer distances on one charge and more Discharge Current available, Labatteria’s 4C battery is ideal for all e-bike battery performance requirements. Just pick your correct size Battery case and Voltage, then the intended Ah capacity. Remember the higher the Ah capacity, the further you go! You do not have to get the same Ah capacity as you previously used, you can upgrade to get FULL POWER.

Please view the tips to make sure you optimise your battery use!

Also follow our easy guide to choosing my battery for more information on making the right choice!


LaBatteria manufactures, imports and distributes high energy Lithium-Ion batteries of premium quality. Our cells and battery units have top performance ratings and are available through our secure, online store at wholesale prices directly to your door. We at LaBatteria pride ourselves on providing all our customers with the best products and full service support at all stages. Our main portfolio today focuses on e-Bike batteries with further research and advancements being made by our team of engineers on other electric powered vehicle applications. For more information or if you have an inquiry, please email us at info@labatteria.co.il or visit or Facebook page.


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