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Warranty | e-Bike Battery

*Note: For DIY models, make sure that ONLY a certified, experienced Technician installs the Battery Pack accordingly!

 Warranty Information and Guarantee
15 months

*DIY models have a limited warranty. This means that for incorrect use or incorrect installation, for any form of negligence or wrongdoing, no warranty is provided whatsoever. If there is a factory fault or build defect, this must be reported to the supplier within 14 days of the purchase. The presence of a factory fault or build defect must be validated by Labatteria, after physically checking the unit. Only once this is confirmed will the customer be sent a new unit. The delivery charge returning the unit for inspection must be paid by the customer. The delivery from Labatteria to the customer also must be paid for by the customer, whether a new or refurbished unit will be sent.

Warranty covers:
Only products purchased new from Labatteria. Warranty coverage commences from the original date of purchase by the original purchaser and proof of purchase will be required to validate the warranty claim. The battery no longer has sufficient charge to propel the bike or has suffered more than a 40% loss of capacity within the first 3 months of normal use or more than 70% loss within the first 6 months of normal use. Faulty BMS circuits that trips below rated current or cause premature pack cutout. Internal cell tab weld coming loose or other loose connections or factory faults, not as a result of user negligence. This warranty only covers material and manufacturing defects.

Warranty does not cover:
Lithium batteries that have self-discharged below 2.5V/cell from being left on the shelf for an extended period of time. Water damage, which could affect the cells but can also lead to unreliable BMS circuit behavior. If the battery is operated against as prescribed in the user manual. Lithium batteries are liable to self-discharge over time because the BMS circuit itself draws current from the battery pack. If you plan to store a lithium battery, be sure to top it up with a charger at least once every six weeks. Improper maintenance or installation of components, parts, or accessories not originally intended for or compatible. Damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, or neglect. Please note that as with all electronic devices including mobile phones and laptops, batteries are a consumable item and will suffer loss of efficiency over their lifetime. Any complaint of reduced functioning of the Battery or DIY battery pack after more than 350 charge cycles. Labor charges for part replacement or changeover. Does not cover normal wear and tear, including corrosion, rust, hairline cracks in paint, chips in paint, the results of fatigue and any damage, failure or loss caused by accident, misuse, neglect, abuse or failure to follow instructions or warnings in the User Manual. Purposeful and/or malevolent acts, theft and robbery as well as natural hazard events and/or acts of mischief. Overcharging the battery or not adhering to the instructions of battery handling. In the case of test, maintenance, repair and replacement work due to normal use. If the model, serial or product number on Labatteria product has been changed, deleted, blurred or removed. The seal and/or the serial number decal on the battery housing has been broken or obviously manipulated. In the case of use of the battery in systems that are not approved for such use with this particular product. If one or more than one Labatteria parts has been opened, altered or repainted. Any other legal provisions, particularly with respect to warranty regulations, are not restricted by this warranty.

All warranty services must be performed by Labatteria approved warranty/service centers. Warranty services include the costs of parts and reasonable labour, but do not include the cost of shipment, packaging or transportation to or from Labatteria. If you elect to repair a defective product yourself or if you use a replacement component not supplied by Labatteria, Labatteria will not be liable for any damage, failure or loss caused by the use of such unauthorized components by non-approved service centers and the warranty will be void. Disassembling any part or component which is shown in the User’s Manual will void the warranty of that item and any other components that Labatteria determines are affected by such disassembly. Costs for repair work performed in advance by persons who have not been authorized by Labatteria will not be reimbursed. In such a case, any warranty claim will cease. Repair work and/or replacement of components during the warranty period does not lead to an extension and/or a new start of the warranty period. Repair work and direct replacement during the warranty period may be performed with functional replacement components of equal value. This warranty only covers original Labatteria components. The use of spare parts from unknown sources, for example, replacement parts from third parties, is strictly prohibited. Warranty will be considered void on any system on which it will be concluded that there has been any case of modification or tampering with firmware.

This warranty only covers the above mentioned repair work and/or the replacement of defective or compromised components. It excludes any claims as to the reimbursement of property damages, downtimes, expenses for renting or leasing equipment, travel expenses, lost profit or any other claims. Labatteria liability in connection with this warranty is limited to the respective acquisition value of the product.

This product is to be used fully at the user’s risk. The manufacturer, importer, distributor or seller hold no accountability or responsibility whatsoever in the cases of damage or harm caused from or by the product or the charger at all. By purchasing and using this product, the customer agrees with these terms in full.


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