e-Bike Battery Warnings: Do’s and Dont’s

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e-Bike Battery Warnings: Do’s and Dont’s


  2.    Don’t connect the “+” and “-” terminals of the battery by metallic objects.                               
  3.    Don’t short circuit the battery in any way.                                                                                
  4.    Don’t expose battery to high-temperature conditions, such as heating, direct sunlight or near fire, etc.         
  5.    Don’t place the battery in water, salt, acidic or alkalescent liquid and avoid being caught in rain.                     
  6.    Don’t ever disassemble battery. This must only be done by a certified and trained technician.                          
  7.    Charge battery before long time storage and keep in cool, dark and dry conditions. During storage, the battery should be charged at least every 6 weeks.                                     
  8.    Only matched, recommended chargers must always be used.                                        
  9.    After purchasing battery, charge the battery for 24 hours for the first 2-3 times to achieve best performance.   
  10.  If a battery is, or appears to be damaged or overheating for any reason, do not charge or use the battery. Immediately return the battery to your retailer for advice and a safety check.
  11.  IMPORTANT! Ignoring any of the safety rules above could cause serious injury or fire.                                                                                    

Keep battery clean and dry. Don’t drop, crush or hit.                                                      

Do not use in other products. Only use with intended purpose.                                  

Turn off the power before removing battery from bike.                                                 

Do not touch metal parts on the battery during usage. Beware, these parts will be very hot.                                  


Ingestion: Keep the battery away from small children. If the battery or any of its component parts is swallowed, seek medical attention immediately.

Storage: Do not place the battery in or near a microwave or other cooking appliances. If subjected to heat or electromagnetic radiation, the battery may leak, generate heat, smoke, catch fire, or explode.

Mixed Use: Do not mix with other batteries. The battery should not be used with other batteries having a different capacity, chemistry, or manufacturer. Doing so could cause the battery to generate heat, smoke, catch fire, or explode.

Rust, Discoloration and Deformities: Do not use abnormal batteries. Immediately stop using the battery if there are noticeable abnormalities, such as smell, heat, discoloration, or deformity. The battery may be defective and could generate heat, smoke, catch fire, or explode with continued use.

Charging Time: Stop charging if the charging process cannot be supervised. If the battery does not finish the charging process within the specified time, halt the charging process. If left to charge, the battery may generate heat, smoke, catch fire, or explode.

Leakage: Do not use a leaking battery near open flame. If the battery or liquid leaking from the battery has an irritating odor, the battery should be kept away from any open flame. If exposed to an open flame, the battery could ignite and explode. Do not touch a leaking battery. If liquid leaking from the battery gets into your eyes, immediately flush your eyes with clean water and seek medical attention. If left untreated, it will cause significant eye damage. If electrolyte leaks from the battery and comes into contact with skin or clothing, immediately flush with water. Otherwise, it may cause skin irritation.

Transport: Pack the battery securely for transport. To prevent short-circuit or damage during transport, securely pack the battery in a case or carton.

Exposure to Direct Sunlight: Do not use or leave the battery in a location exposed to excessive heat, such as in direct sunlight or in a car. Doing so could cause the battery to generate heat, smoke, catch fire, or explode. It may also cause the battery’s performance and life to deteriorate.

Static Electricity: The battery pack has a protection circuit. Do not use the battery where static electricity in excess of 100V is generated as it may damage the protection circuit. If the protection circuit fails, the battery may generate heat, catch fire, smoke, or explode.

Charging Temperature Range: Only charge the battery between 10°C and 45°C. Charging outside of this temperature range may cause the battery to leak, generate heat, or result in serious damage. It may also cause the battery’s performance and life to deteriorate.

First Time Usage: Please contact the supplier if the battery gives off an unusual odor, generates heat, or shows signs of rust or deformity prior to its initial use.

Use by Children: Parents must explain how to use the system and the battery. Please check back periodically to ensure children are using the system and the battery correctly. Constant supervision is highly recommended.

Flammable Materials: Do not charge or discharge near flammable materials. Doing so could result in fire.

Handling of Exposed Contacts or Conductors: If the battery pack has a system interface consisting of stripped lead wires or exposed contact plates, handle with due care. Temporarily insulate exposed contacts and conductors with an insulator such as polypropylene tape or polyvinylchloride tape. Failure to do so could result in an electrical shock; a short circuit causing the battery to generate heat, smoke, catch fire, or explode; or the combustion of other materials.

Appearance: There shall be no such defects as followings, which may adversely affect commercial value and safety of the cell- Deep scratches; Rust; Discoloration; Dirt; Deformation; Leakage. If these are found, discontinue use of the battery immediately and send the battery to be recycled   according to local rules and regulations.


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