Lock & Theft-Protection | e-Bike Silverfish Battery

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Lock & Theft-Protection | e-Bike Silverfish Battery

Included with every battery case are a set of two identical keys. It is recommended to keep one spare key separate in a different location for safe-keeping. When inserting the key into the lock, three options are available:

  1. “UNLOCK” – this is to UNLOCK the metal rod lock secured into the fitting bracket.
  2. “OFF” – The case will be locked into the bracket with the battery power turned OFF.
  3. “ON” – The case will be locked into the bracket with the battery power turned ON.

Only at “OFF” position you can take out the key from the battery.
Attention: always turn the key gently, if you are using force, you are doing something wrong and you can break the key.            

These stages allows the battery case to be both inserted and activated quickly, while being deactivated and released easily too. The lock mechanism provides protection by preventing unauthorized use of the battery. The metal rod lock secures the battery case into the fitting bracket located on the bicycle frame to prevent theft. Another anti-theft feature is a reinforced chain with a lock that can be placed simply and securely through the handle on the upper cover of the battery case.


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