Go Further! Optimizing the Range of your e-Bike Battery

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Go Further! Optimizing the Range of your e-Bike Battery

The range of your battery is determined primarily by its nominal capacity.
A larger capacity (eg 15Ah) battery will go further than a lower capacity (eg 12Ah) battery for any given Voltage.

Futhermore, the following factors also influence the range of your battery:

  1. Climbing
    Riding up steep hills requires much more energy than riding on flat ground. More effort, proper cadence, and/or a change to a more gradual route can greatly affect overall range.
  2. Level of assistance
    Choose the level of assist required based on riding conditions, rather than just riding in one particular level all the time. Remember that energy consumption more than doubles from level 2 assist to level 4. Limit the use of the throttle as much as possible to reduce energy consumption.
  3. Battery state of charge
    Make sure the battery is fully charged before every ride. This will provide the best possible range from the battery each time.
  4. Weight and load capacity
    A heavier bike (and rider) lowers the range of the battery. Every ounce counts! Limit your cargo, think about getting an efficient type of bicycle for the system, even what type of gear you wear can affect the overall performance.
  5. Tyre pressure
    Tyres with pressure that is low will have increased rolling resistance, and require more energy from the battery. It is important to regularly check your tyre pressure – the max. pressure is typically written on the sidewall of any tire. Slick, skinny, high pressure tires offer the most efficiency for you and your battery.
  6. Acceleration and constant speed
    It is important to ride efficiently; electric propulsion systems consume more energy when accelerating from a stand still. Try to keep your speed constant and retain momentum, starts and stops greatly affect your overall range.
  7. Outside influences/weather
    You will notice some difference in range when it is very hot or cold outside, this influences how quickly the battery will discharge. Headwinds can also greatly affect system performance. Expect more range on days with moderate climate.
  8. Cadence and Shifting
    Keeping your cadence high (between 80-90 rpm) is the most efficient pedaling range for most cyclists. A high pedaling rate in combination with the lowest level of assist will offer the most range, the more slowly you pedal and the more you rely on the electric assist, the less range you will get. Use your shifters to ride efficiently, just as you would with any other bicycle!


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