Frequently Asked Questions

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After using your bike for some time, have you noticed less power during everyday use especially on uphills? Do you have to charge your battery more often than you used to?
These are both significant signs that your e-bike battery has become tired.
Not only will restoring your battery to FULL POWER save you time and energy, with Labatteria’s 15 month guarantee and unbeatable pricing, you will be able to restore and also upgrade the power in your e-bike for much less.

Free! All Labatteria products include a delivery service directly to your door within 5 working days.

No. Every e-bike has a motor calibrated specifically with its required voltage. This voltage must also be the same when purchasing a new battery. For example a 48V battery must only be used for a 48V motor. The Voltage of the e-bike motor will be written on the bike itself or in its User Information. If this is not followed, then permanent damage can be done, and it could be dangerous to operate.

No. A DIY battery pack fit must ONLY be done by a trained, certified and experienced technician. The electricity levels involved are high and if not installed correctly, it could be very dangerous. Even if it might seem simple to install, many factors and readings with special instrumentation must be checked during the process. After purchasing a DIY product, you the customer would surely want the product to work at its optimum. This can only be ensured by a proper installation by a trained technician. Any damage caused to or from the DIY battery pack is not covered by the Labatteria guarantee, in accordance with market norms.

Before ordering your new battery from Labatteria, it is important to follow the steps on exactly how to order your suitable battery. Labatteria offers battery case sizes which will fit most models in Israel. The battery case type is Silver Fish.You must measure your old battery case dimensions and see if they are suitable with the batteries that Labatteria offer. If the sizes are suitable and you MADE SURE + & – TERMINALS ON THE BIKE ARE SAME AS THE + & – TERMINALS ON THE BATTERY, then simply charge up your new Labatteria battery and fit it into your bike as you did with your old battery.If not or if you have any questions, please contact Labatteria to check. or 058-508-5988.

Batteries for e-bikes range from different types of cases, to different types of cells, also different capacities, BMS controllers and battery chemistries are common. Labatteria has ensured that we provide the best solution for most brands and models of e-bikes found in use today in Israel. Our long-term experience and intensive research has allowed us to provide the user with top quality cells and battery cases, with custom-made BMS controllers and best quality Silver Fish cases, with bonus features built-in. FULL POWER is now a reality. Please check product specifications and dimensions to see for suitability.

BMS or Battery Management System is a PC board built into the system of each battery pack. It allows the correct charge current, discharge current and safety features to be controlled in the most effective and correct manner. Included in the BMS safety features are a Thermostat heat guard and over-charge Protection Controller. These ensure that the battery pack is used at all times under controlled and protected guidance. Included in the Battery case are two fuses that have been installed to protect the electricity flow at all stages.

Discharge rates of a battery are governed by C-rates. The capacity of a battery is commonly rated at 1C, meaning that a fully charged battery rated at 1Ah should provide 1A for one hour. The same battery discharging at 0.5C should provide 500mA for two hours, and at 2C it delivers 2A for 30 minutes. Losses at fast discharges reduce the discharge time and these losses also affect charge times. A C-rate of 1C is also known as a one-hour discharge; 0.5C or C/2 is a two-hour discharge and 0.2C or C/5 is a 5-hour discharge. Some high-performance batteries can be charged and discharged above 1C with moderate stress.

Yes. The battery cases of the Complete models include a USB port with 5V output for charging external electronic devices such as Mobile phones or Power banks. Simply place the USB cable into the port and the charging will begin automatically.
For DIY models, the BMS in the battery pack has the capability for USB 5V output already built in.

Large name brands have many types of cells that they produce. Few of them are best or even suitable for e-bike battery application. Only experienced professionals can know the suitability of specific cells. Our 18650 2400mAh NMC cells are the best available cells on the market, offering long-term quality use with good constant power and extra power when needed. Our Labatteria cells have been certified by the best standards bodies in the world and also have proven safety of build and use. So to say that you have a Samsung or Panasonic battery, often just means you paid for the name brand and didn’t receive the best battery option available at all.

The battery BMS controller is just as important as the cells used in the battery. Most manufacturers will just use simple BMS controllers with standard specifications, even if they are using Samsung or Panasonic cells. This can often lead to decreased performance and shortened battery life. Labatteria’s BMS controllers have been custom designed and specially built to make full use of our unique 4C discharge cells and make sure the performance and life span of the batteries are optimum for e-bike users in Israel and its extreme environment.