e-Bike Battery Usage Guidelines

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e-Bike Battery Usage Guidelines

The battery contains flammable materials such as organic solvents. Mishandling the battery may cause fire, smoke, or an explosion and the battery’s functionality will be seriously damaged. If the user follows the exact instructions of this User Manual and also charges the battery with the correct charger in the correct manner and environment, then the safety of this product is ensured.   Protection circuitry is designed into the device to protect the battery.

Please read and check the following prohibited actions which could all cause the battery to generate heat, smoke, catch fire or explode:

Immersion: Do not immerse the battery in liquid such as water, beverages, or other fluids. Exposure to liquid may damage the battery or the battery pack (including protection circuit).

High Temperature: Do not use or place the battery near an open flame, heater or high temperature (above 70°C). Subjecting the battery to high temperature may damage the polyolefin separator and can cause an internal short circuit.

Chargers and Charge Conditions: Do not use unauthorized chargers. Only charge the battery within specified conditions (e.g., temperature range, voltage, and current). Use of an unauthorized charger could be very dangerous.

Reverse Polarity: Do not attach or insert battery with polarity reversed. A battery has polarity. If the battery does not easily fit into the charger or device, check the battery’s orientation. Do not force the battery into the battery compartment.

Direct Connection: Do not connect the battery to an AC outlet or DC automotive plug. The battery requires a specific charger. If the battery is connected directly to a power outlet, this could very possibly be dangerous.

Use in Other Equipment: Do not use the battery in equipment for which it was not intended or in unapproved applications or systems.

Incineration and Heat: Keep the battery away from heat and fire as heat will damage the battery and cause it to become unstable and possibly dangerous.

Short-Circuit: Do not apply a short-circuit in any way. Do not connect the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals with a conductive material. Do not carry or store the battery with any metal objects.

Impact: Avoid excessive impact to the battery. Impact beyond specification may damage and compromise the battery.

Penetration: Do not penetrate the battery with a nail or strike with a hammer. If subjected to a hard strike or penetrated by an object, the battery may be damaged or destroyed, thereby causing an internal short-circuit.

Soldering: Do not directly solder to the battery. Soldering directly to the battery could melt the separator or damage the gas release vent or other safety mechanisms.

Disassembly: Do not disassemble the battery. Disassembly or modification of the battery may damage the protection circuit, and must only be carried out by a trained, certified technician.

Charging near High Temperatures: Do not charge the battery near high temperature. If the battery is charged while exposed to high temperature, the battery’s protection circuit may activated and prevent charging, or fail.

Deformation: Do not use the battery with conspicuous damage or deformation of any sort.

Reverse Charge and Over-discharge: Do not reverse polarity the terminals. When charging the battery with reverse-charge, an abnormal chemical reaction occurs. And also, there may be case that unexpected large current flows on discharging. These cause the generating of heat, smoke, rupture or flame.

Properly dispose of damaged batteries: You should not touch heavily damaged batteries with your bare hands, since electrolyte may leak and cause skin irritation. Keep the battery in a safe place outdoors. If necessary, tape over the poles and inform your dealer. He will support you in proper disposal according to local safe recycling requirements.


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