e-Bike Battery Life Cycle & Charging Times

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e-Bike Battery Life Cycle & Charging Times

Analyze your e-Bike Battery Life Cycle & Charging Times to optimize your e-Bike usage. Follow these simple guidelines to further your understanding of how your e-Bike battery functions and get those extra miles on your e-Bike. Ride Further. Ride Stronger | LaBatteria

Power cells allow for better e-Bike Battery life cycle & charging times compared to Energy or Digital Cells. Power cells usually retain more than 80% of initial capacity after 800 cycles. Compare this to Energy cells which retain at most 80% after only 300 cycles. To increase and even double cycle life, it is recommended to charge the batteries up to a maximum of 80% of total capacity. Make sure also not to discharge lower than 20% of the minimum rated capacity.

These should all be achieved using the fitting charger suitable for the optimum charge capacity at the slowest rate possible. Practically this is different as the extended charging time is not feasible for the users. A balance between suitable charge time and correct charge current should be found. The battery supplier will often recommend what is most suitable . These tips will help the e-Bike user attain better battery Life cycle and more suitable charging times.


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