e-Bike Battery Discharge Rate: 4C vs. 3C

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e-Bike Battery Discharge Rate: 4C vs. 3C

Discharge rates of a battery are governed by C-rates. The capacity of a battery is commonly rated at 1C, meaning that a fully charged battery rated at 1Ah should provide 1A for one hour. The same battery discharging at 0.5C should provide 500mA for two hours, and at 2C it delivers 2A for 30 minutes. Losses at fast discharges reduce the discharge time and these losses also affect charge times. A C-rate of 1C is also known as a one-hour discharge; 0.5C or C/2 is a two-hour discharge and 0.2C or C/5 is a 5-hour discharge. Some high-performance batteries can be charged and discharged above 1C with moderate stress.

Many battery packs in Israel have been rated at 3C, meaning it delivers 3A for 20 minutes. Better than this is a 4C rating, meaning it delivers 4A for 15 minutes. This will provide more power when needed and hence shows a battery quality with higher specifications. LaBatteria provides all our battery packs with top specification 4C rating to provide all our customers the optimum usage ability of our products.

Some cells offer up to 6C or 8C, but this is not at all necessarily better. This is because discharge of cells at these high rates drastically reduce the cycle life span of the battery and also dramatically increase the heat produced by the cells to a dangerous level. A fine balance of 4C is best recommended so as to attain all the power needed whilst not compromising life span or safety.


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