e-Bike Battery Case Types Common in Israel

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e-Bike Battery Case Types Common in Israel

You can choose whether to purchase a complete e-bike battery (with casing), or alternatively just the battery pack (with no casing) – for DIYers.

For DIY models, ensure that ONLY a certified, experienced Technician installs the Battery Pack !

After the battery pack has been manufactured, it needs to interface with the e-bike. This is achieved through the use of a battery case which fits specifically to the e-bike and connects the power to the motor. The battery case also provides safety protection from abnormal inputs of charging currents, physical barrier from extreme elements and versatility in use.

Types of battery cases are Silver Fish, Water Bottle, Frog and V designs. In Israel the Silver Fish type is by far the most common. This design allows for better fitting of larger battery packs inside, while providing strong protection with its Aluminium tube and hardened Plastic ends. It also allows for the battery case to be quickly put on the bike and removed when needed. This provides flexibility and also for the e-bike user, it is much easier to find a replacement battery when needed, every two years or so. This is why LaBatteria provides all our complete, new units to use the Silver Fish design, but with extra features including USB ports and quality internal components., with top level technical specifications.


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