e-Bike Battery Case Features

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e-Bike Battery Case Features

To allow for maximum practicality in daily use of our batteries, special features have been included in the battery case to allow for this. These include:

  • Reinforced carrying handle
  • Battery capacity monitor
  • USB port
  • Keylock with activation settings
  • Slot-in bottom discharging
  • Easy Slot & Ride bracket

Battery cases are exposed to harsh environments and constantly endure physical trauma. These harsh elements include direct sunlight, high & low temperatures, rain, wind and dust. To protect the integrity of the inner battery pack and to ensure uninterrupted use, the battery case has features specifically designed to maintain these. They include:

  • Hardened, Grade A plastic used on top and bottom covers
  • Reinforced spinal design
  • Tough Aluminium housing
  • IP65 weatherproof rating
  • Extra Internal Insulation
  • Plug covers
  • Strong base and fitting bracket

LaBatteria manufactures, imports and distributes high energy Lithium-Ion batteries of premium quality. Our cells and battery units have top performance ratings and are available through our secure, online store at wholesale prices directly to your door. We at LaBatteria pride ourselves on providing all our customers with the best products and full service support at all stages. Our main portfolio today focuses on e-Bike batteries with further research and advancements being made by our team of engineers on other electric powered vehicle applications. For more information or if you have an inquiry, please email us at info@labatteria.co.il or visit or Facebook page.


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