Common e-bike battery terms

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Common e-bike battery terms

Battery packs are technologically complex and understanding them, in all their shapes and forms, requires knowledge of common terms used. As they provide an electrical power supply to an e-bike motor, all the common electrical terms apply. These include Voltage (V), Current -Amperage (A), Amperage hours (Ah), Power (W) amongst others. Voltage is the potential ability of the battery pack similar to Horse Power, while Ah shows us how much fuel we have in the tank.

Battery packs are based on the common principles of a simple electrical circuits. Hence the single cells may be added in parallel or series into the closed circuit. For example 36V 10Ah using 3.6V with 2500mAh(0.25Ah) capacity cells will be set up with a 10s4p configuration. This means that 4 cells are connected in parallel, with 10 of these connected in series. With a total of 40 individual cells, it provides 360W of power per hour (36V x 10Ah) with a potential ability of 36V (3.6V x 10) while supplying a capacity of 10Ah (2500mAh x 4). The amount of energy in the battery is rated in Watts hours (Wh) which is the nominal voltage multiplied by the Amp hour (V x Ah – e.g. 36V x 10Ah = 360Wh). It is therefore essential to know both the V and Ah rating of a battery pack or the Wh directly.

Li-ion or Lithium-Ion is a term used to show a certain type of battery cell type used commonly within e-bike batteries.

BMS or Battery Management System allows the correct charge current, discharge current and safety features to be controlled in a safe and correct manner.


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