Benefits: The advantage of LaBatteria rechargeable batteries

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Benefits: The advantage of LaBatteria rechargeable batteries

Labatteria rechargeable batteries are an efficient, long-life energy source, as well as being the most state-of-the-art e-Bike batteries available on the market. They are characterized by the following features among many others:

  • No memory effect – The Labatteria rechargeable batteries with lithium-ion cells can be briefly charged at any time regardless of their charging state. Interruptions of the charging process do not harm the battery. Complete discharge is not required.
  • Very low self-discharge rates – Even after prolonged storage, such as during the winter, it is possible to use the rechargeable battery without recharging it. For longer storage, a charge status of approx. 50 to 80% is recommended.
  • Long service life – Labatteria rechargeable batteries are designed for many tours, kilometers and years of service. The intelligent, electronic Labatteria battery management system (BMS) protects lithium-ion batteries from excessive operating temperatures, overload and deep discharge. The BMS checks every cell, extending the life of the rechargeable battery. This makes the time from initial use to the need to replace a Labatteria battery very long.
  • Extended Guarantee – Labatteria offers a unique 15 month guarantee period. This is more than the market norms and shows true confidence in the top, custom-made quality parts used in all Labatteria products.

LaBatteria manufactures, imports and distributes high energy Lithium-Ion batteries of premium quality. Our cells and battery units have top performance ratings and are available through our secure, online store at wholesale prices directly to your door. We at LaBatteria pride ourselves on providing all our customers with the best products and full service support at all stages. Our main portfolio today focuses on e-Bike batteries with further research and advancements being made by our team of engineers on other electric powered vehicle applications. For more information or if you have an inquiry, please email us at or visit or Facebook page.


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