e-Bike: Battery Management System (BMS) Controller

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e-Bike: Battery Management System (BMS) Controller

BMS or Battery Management System is a PC board built into the system of each battery pack. It allows the correct charge current, discharge current and safety features to be controlled in the most effective and correct manner. Included in the BMS safety features are a Thermostat heat guard and over-charge Protection Controller. These ensure that the battery pack is used at all times under controlled and protected guidance. Included in the Battery case are two fuses that have been installed to protect the electricity flow at all stages.

Each individual cell has passed thorough QC testing. In and around the battery pack, special insulating foam and hard Epoxy Glass provide physical barriers preventing any short circuiting or compromising the integrity of the cells. Each battery pack has been sealed with Heat Shrink PVC layers to ensure protection from the elements. All wires and cables used are of the best quality while additional sleeve wrapping insulation has been applied to ensure double insulation wherever necessary.

Overcharge protection
For safety reasons and in order not to shorten the cycle life, max overcharge protection voltage of
each block is under 4.20V/cell including tolerance.

Over discharge protection
If cell voltage reaches approximately 2.7V/cell, the over discharge protection circuit shuts down the discharge current and the circuit consumption current is set to less than 1μA.

Over current protection
If discharge current exceeds approximately 10A/cell, the over current protection will shut down
the current.


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