Additional Useful Information | e-Bike Battery

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Additional Useful Information | e-Bike Battery

Operation in Cold:
Lithium batteries have a noticeable performance degradation at low temperatures (0°C and below). The available capacity is reduced and the voltage will sag more under load. There is no harm in running the battery at cold temperatures, but we recommend storing the battery indoors so that it starts off in a warmer state and thus can deliver better performance on the bike. As well, you should not charge the battery at sub-zero temperatures, as the optimum charge voltage for a cold battery is less than a battery pack at room temperatures, and so you risk overcharging the pack. For instance, a LiMn battery charged to 42V in the freezing cold may rise to 44V when warmed up.

Operation in Wet Weather:
The solid Labatteria plastic and aluminium enclosure provides good physical protection of the cells and circuitry from incidental water spray. However, the seams are not fully sealed and frequent exposure to rain and wet conditions can allow water to flow into the casing. Over time this can corrode the cell terminals and lead to erratic behaviour of the BMS circuitry. We suggest covering the battery with a bag when exposed to water spray.

Flying / Travelling Air travel:
Regulations prohibit flying on passenger craft with lithium battery packs that have over 160 watt-hours of capacity, unless packaged to IATA standards as Class 9 dangerous goods. If you plan to travel with your e-bike, you will likely need to ship the battery pack separately to your destination using an appropriate courier service.

Self-Discharge in Storage:
Although lithium cells have very low self-discharge, the BMS protection circuit inside the battery pack does draw a little current at all times. This BMS current is small, but if the battery is already flat when initially stored, it will only take a few weeks or months for this small current to further drain the cells to the permanent shutdown threshold of the BMS, at which point the pack can no longer be charged or discharged. To prevent this from happening, be sure to periodically recharge the battery every 6 weeks while it is being stored.


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