Batteries for e-bikes.  Best Pricing.

  • Energize your e-bike power to its original or larger capacity
  • Unique 4C energy discharge rate to boost performance
  • Built in USB charging port
  • >1000 charge cycle life
  • Extended warranty
  • Best price and quality battery
  • Delivered to your door. Free.

Batteries for Powertools.  Great Quality.

  • Energize your Makita , Bosch or DeWalt powertools
  • Unique 8C energy discharge rate to boost performance
  • High Power cells for extended life and operation
  • >1000 charge cycle life
  • Extended warranty – 12 months
  • Best price and quality battery
  • Delivered to your door. Free.
  • Unique, high quality BMS.






If you’ve noticed less distance per charge, less power during normal use – especially on uphills? Need to charge your battery more often than you used to?
Your e-bike battery is tired! Time to get LaBatteria for FULL POWER.

Free delivery to your door – within 5 working days.

Either you can learn all about batteries, and make your own decision. To make the choosing process easier, we have built a smart filter for you to be able to choose the battery that suits you best.
We provide the best solution for most brands and models of e-bikes found in use today in Israel. Our long-term experience and intensive research has allowed us to provide the user with top quality cells and battery cases, with custom-made BMS controllers and best quality Silver Fish cases, with bonus features built-in. If you have any questions, please contact

All Labatteria products purchased online, include a delivery service directly to your door. Once the order has been processed, you will receive a tracking number from the delivery company in order to follow the delivery status. After the order is processed, most central locations will receive their package with 5 working days. This might be more for outlying areas.

No. Every e-bike has a motor calibrated specifically with its required voltage. This voltage must also be the same when purchasing a new battery. For example a 48V battery must only be used for a 48V motor. The Voltage of the e-bike motor will be written on the bike itself or in its User Information. If this is not followed, then permanent damage can be done, and it could be dangerous to operate.